02 Oct 2014

Committed to helping your business succeed!

If you’re in business and a client of BHR Papalia, you are entitled to free help from our Business Improvement Specialist David Paine. He offers professional and practical advice on a range of issues you could be struggling with in your business.

David is happy to meet you at your place or ours and the topic of discussion is also your choice.

For example you may want help with:

  • Current business opportunities
  • Profitability, cost control, cash flow, bank finance issues
  • Wealth creation through your business
  • Business valuation, preparation for sale, succession planning etc.

Or you may have other ideas or topics you would like to explore.

Please accept this invitation to arrange a time with David. You can phone him on 0437 036 738 or email david.paine@papalia.com.au

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