Our Story

Joe Papalia was the founder of our company. While he is no longer directly associated, we proudly carry his name still because of the way he did business back in the early years…….and this continues to be the way we like to do business today!

He was not your average accountant.

In fact some three decades ago, Joe Papalia broke the mould among his accounting peers. Many of his clients at the time were salt of the earth farming types. He therefore saw no need for the formalities of a shirt and tie or a fancy office.

Joe made it his business to HELP his clients and if that meant throwing his welly boots into the back of the ute, heading out to the farm and getting his hands dirty – then that’s what he did! He dug in at the front lines in good times and in bad. Joe’s clients knew they could always count on him.

Joe’s legacy is the foundation on which our company is built today.

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